Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Lord's Cricket Ground basically known as "MAKKA OF CRICKET" is a cricket venue situated in London.Thomas Lord,was the inventor of that cricket ground run by the International Cricket Council (ICC). Lord's is refferd as the "home of cricket" and is home to the world oldest sporting MUSUEAM.



Lords created between 1787 and 1814. His first ground, now referred to as Lord's Old Ground,now currently known as "Dorset Square now stands".LORDS ground was the venue of indian greatest match ever betwwn India and England.IN which <in natwest final England scored 326 runs in just 50 overs,in which marcus trescothic and naseer husain scored 100 each.In reply India got after a good start with Ganguly and Sehwag.But suddenly start loose wicket in regular intervals i.e 146/5.
    Then Indian Young talent YUVRAJ and MOHD. KAIF created a match winning partenership and chase down total quite easily.That was the indian Team highest chase in ODI.
  Lord's also knowna as the "MCC Museum", which is  one of the oldest sports Museum in the world, and contains the world's most celebrated collection of cricket Memorabilia, including The Ashes.
    ASHES was the main cricketing event occur in ENGLAND cricket.ASHES is playing between .

AUSTRALIA AND ENGLAND SINCE 1882. It is one of the most celebrated rivalries in international cricket and is currently played REGURLY, changing venue every year in England and Australia afetr 18 months."The Ashes SERIES" includes five Test matches, two innings per match, under the regular rules for Test match cricket. If a series is drawn then the country already holding the Ashes retains them. THAT IS ALL ABOUT ASHES.


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